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Friday, January 13, 2012


2012 is going to be a good year, but certainly a year of change and transition. I expect this statement to be true both for myself and the world at large. Its set to be a doozy!

So I decided to go ahead and write some resolutions for the year, just to put it out into the universe. " )

I obtained my permaculture certification last month and I am ready to honor my spirit.
I am a plant person. " )

I will be involving myself in as many permaculture and gardening projects as I can.

I will teach at least one gardening related class this year.

I will complete the potager, which means a new fence, build remaining beds, build soil up and add 3 more inches of shell in the paths.

I will attend zen meditation weekly.

I will volunteer more time towards and physically work on the gardens at The Florida House project.

I will lose weight and start going to the gym. This is the year I take care of myself.

I will finally fix my teeth and have the mercury removed.

I will continue to be grateful for my job and what it has afforded me

I will find the humor in dealing with my boss and survive her constant criticisms.

I (we) will finish all the unfinished house projects and renovations.

I will create my ferrocement office.

I will concentrate on strengthening my ACL and return to yoga.

I will finish the mini orchard beds.

I will complete the two exams I have remaining for my industry designation.

I will spend more time with my friends and building more friendships.

I will blog more. I need more practice writing full sentences again. " ) Too many years of quick business grammar is trashed!

I will finish my novel this year.

I will learn two songs on my ukulele.

I will buy a cello.

I will make my son a handmade twin size quilt.

I (we) will pay off my mortgage this year!!!!!

I will cook all our dinners and reduce our food bill to $500 a month.

We will visit Disney once a month...season pass!!

OK not sure if this is a list of resolutions or just a To Do list, but it works for me.

I am pretty excited!!!

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