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Friday, January 13, 2012

Off and running

We started the year by tackling some large unfinished house projects. Bryan has finished the renovation of his sailboat and can now work on the house.
Do you see our priorities?
We finished his boat and 2/3 of my garden before the house. " )

So, we removed everything from the living room and painted the walls, trim and ceiling bright white.

Sounds safe, right?
NOT FOR ME! Its pretty radical. I' m comfortable with color and realized this is the first time I have ever painted my walls white.

We purchased the flooring last night at a box store.
Ended up picking out Pergo laminate in a hickory.

Isnt it pretty?!
Its going to look great and should make this tiny house feel much larger.
We needed only 450 square feet of planking.
that's it.
That is for our living room, kitchen and bathroom.
I was a little surprised by the number really. Kinda funny.

Anyway, Tomorrow we start ripping out the tile and hope to get the laminate down on sunday.
" )

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